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Cooked SR Lobster Orders

Please place your cooked SR Lobster orders by 10am daily to guarantee not to be disappointed. We are selling out daily. We cook all our orders first then the second cook is for the shop. As soon as they are in the display cabinet we have been so busy they are sold very quickly. Your […]

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Wasabi Granita Oysters
Salty, icy and spicy oysters
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Seafood Cocktail Sauce
Yummy Seafood Cocktail sauce
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Creamy Garlic Prawns
Easy and tastiest creamy garlic prawns ever
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BBQ Garlic, Sweet Chilli and Lime Prawns
Fire up the BBQ for tasty Garlic, Sweet Chilli & Lime Prawns
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Marinated BBQ Prawns & Scallops
Fresh Australian seafood inspired by Asian flavours.
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